Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple: we do not collect, store, or share any personal information about our visitors.

We originally didn't use cookies at all, but because of the ridiculous laws passed by the European Union requiring us to pester you with a pop-up regarding our use of standard third-party advertising and analytics solutions, we now actually do need to set a cookie to keep track of your choices in this regard.

As part of our standard operations, our servers may log activity such as access and errors, but no personal information is logged.

We do make use of third-party advertising and analytics solutions, which may use cookies for any purpose as well as collect any and all information provided by your browser and use said information for statistics and/or tracking (said usage is out of our control). Should you prefer to not have your information used in this way, you should either set up your browser to not accept cookies and/or not send any information you do not want collected, or you should stop using this website altogether.

Contact Form

All information submitted through our contact form may be stored on our servers indefinitely, but will normally be deleted once reviewed (and possibly replied to) by an administrator. Even then, said information may still be present in certain of our server logs for a considerable amount of time (up to one year). Our mail servers are hosted by a third party and may also keep logs or otherwise store data out of our control.

Picture Reports

Information in Picture Reports (function found on the page for all individual pictures in our standard categories) are deleted from our database once processed. If you enter a valid e-mail address you will be notified when this happens; in that case, be aware that the same policies regarding log files as are stated in the section on our contact form above also applies to the notification e-mail sent when your picture report has been reviewed.